One of the directions of PF “TAIC” activities is agronomy. This is not surprising, as Kyrgyzstan is an agrarian country. Most of farmers are engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops. Our center for more than 8 years is providing trainings in the sphere of crop production, improvement of soil fertility, pests and diseases management.

We provide trainings for the following directions:

  • Conservation of soil fertility;
  • The technology of cultivation of agricultural crops;
  • Protection of crops from pests and diseases;
  • Practical gardening.

Goal: To help small farmers increase productivity and deriving income.

Expected result: Farmers apply best practices on rational use of soil, improve soil fertility and receive quality yield.

The loss of fertility of irrigated land sharply reduces yields and quality of crop’s production.  The reason for this is overall reduction of soil humus and nutrients of arable land.

A regular survey of the soil fertility condition, conducted until 1990 was discontinued, and now the actual state of soil is not known. Despite this, there are countless non-systematic evidences provided by farmers on the steady decline in yields.

Besides of improper crop rotation and inadequate practices of fertilizers use, there are other issues on rational use of soil such as inappropriate water use and drainage, overgrazing, not use of non-irrigated land and erosion (wind, water). All these problems, at least, occur due to lack of knowledge of farmers on sustainable land management, as well as because of limited resources for more rational use of land.

Within the special program on rational use of soil, the main focus will be laid on the lack of knowledge by demonstrating and disseminating of a number of proven good methods / practices for rational use of soil on arable land.

The focus will be on ensuring that these proposed methods are practical for farmers in their present specific conditions. © 2011