Livestock / pastures
Kyrgyzstan predominantly is a livestock-breeding country. Developing this sector, we can contribute to the improvement of economy and thus raise living standards of population as a whole.

Under the special program on livestock of AISP (Agricultural Investments and Services Project) component “Agricultural Support Services” which will be implemented by TAIC, in each of 15 villages of each oblast will be selected 2 demonstrational farms and during 5 years will be conducting trainings on all aspects of livestock farms management.

We provide trainings for the following directions:

  • Technology of breeding farm animals
  • Poultry;
  • Beekeeping;
  • Fodder production and feeding of animals;
  • Rational use of pastures;
  • Veterinary medicine: prevention of diseases of farm animals;
  • Maintenance and zoo hygiene of farm animals.

Project goal: Help to small farmers increase productivity and deriving income, thereby contribute to the reduction of poverty level in rural areas, namely, to improve livestock production by increasing of amount and quality of winter fodder, as well as other important practical experience in the field of livestock.

Target group: Mixed small agricultural producers and livestock-breeders in rural areas, mostly in mountainous areas.

Expected result: Targeted farmers use best practices in livestock-breeding in general and in winter feeding in particular.

Activities will be carried out by companies providing services on dissemination of knowledge and experience, primarily by RAS, TES-Center and various local non-governmental organizations - under the contract with TAIC. © 2011