List of trainings on methodology:
  • Qualification program for agricultural consultants;
  • Basic coaching skills;
  • Methods and approaches;
  • Participatory rural appraisal;
  • Participatory development of technology;
  • Conduct of demonstrations on agriculture;
  • Moderating;
  • Development of project proposals;
  • Planning of consultancy work;
  • Preparation of printed materials and use of media.

Goal:  To conduct training of trainers, consultants need to have deep knowledge, practical skills and know the methodology of conducting training session and seminar. The way how listeners learn, often becomes a decisive factor for their motivation and practical application of knowledge gained. Therefore, the main goal is not only to train trainers and consultants how to become good experts, but also to train to moderator’s skills, enabling them guide an audience and create conditions for effective experience exchange among participants.

Target group:

  • Employees of advisory services;
  • Specialists in training of consultants;
  • For those who appreciate the work of advisory services and advisers;
  • Consultants in institutions and project managers working in the sphere of advisory services provision;
  • Other interested organizations and individuals. © 2011